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Erosion Control Blanket / Seed Blanket
An erosion control blanket is a preformed protective blanket of plastic fibers, straw or other plant residue designed to protect soil from the impact of precipitation and overland flow, and retain moisture to facilitate establishment of vegetation. Erosion control blankets are sometimes referred to as Rolled Erosion Control Products. Typically installed on seeded areas for temporary use, and in landscaped areas for permanent use.


Steep hills
Steep hills prone to eroding
Water source
None to a very little available water source
Shaded yards
Densley shaded yards
Water flow
High water flow area
Road projects
Municipality road projects


Blanket should be considered if it is being placed as additional protection to hydroseed.
It is great to use on high water flow areas like - the top to the middle part of a steep slope to stop seed / soil washout.
It is good to use with hydroseed to maintain levels of moisture for quicker germination.
Blankets can be used on straight seed applications. It adds protection from birds/ animals and encourages healthy moisture which in turn creates great germination.
Quicker than a sod project.
Requires additional maintenance (more seeding and fertilizer) in some cases.
Good for different application conditions - uncertain about irrigation, uncertain about sun/shade ratio.
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