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Sod is a mat of grass with an established root system used to provide immediate vegetation for erosion control. Sod is an effective way to achieve immediate erosion protection in areas of sheet flow and low concentrated flows with velocities less than 5 feet/second. A soil test should be performed to determine if soil amendments are needed.



Quick enhancement of the appearance.
Sod is more cost-effective if the project is small to small-medium size .vs. hydroseed.
Good - Great soil conditions.
Sod is a good application if the grade of the slope is not immensely steep. Sod staples are used in any application where the slope is an area of concern.
Planned or existing irrigation system.
Works excellently on flat applications.
Sod takes more time to install as joints need to line up correctly.
Soil prep is tedious as the first 1-2 top inches of soil need to be loose for roots to grab.
The first couple of weeks are critical - needs watering multiple times a day (depending on the time of year), fertilization, and low to no traffic.
Will overtime require more maintenance if used in shady conditions.
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